Saturday, March 22, 2014

Baby Geeeeeeeearl

I wanted to record a few things about Audrey that I want to remember.  She is talking up a storm lately and saying so many cute little things and is such a sweetheart!

  • her:"hey, Momma....know what?" me: "what baby girl?" her: "i lub boo"
  • She is in LOVE with her baby dolls.  She likes to burp them, squeeze (hug) them, make them dance and cover them up with a blanket and put them to bed.  She'll say that they're crying and then rock them to make them feel better.  She also loves her real life baby dolls, Leah and McKinley.  
  • Some of her other favorite activities are coloring with markers, opening and shutting lids to chapstick, toothpaste, and lotion, playing in the pantry and in her pretend kitchen.
  • Another person she loves most of the time is "Cocka" aka Parker.  They play together pretty well most of the time--haha.  He does really irritate her a lot of the time because he'll continuously say something that she's asked him to stop saying or get in her face when she's already frustrated with him.  True big brother style! 
  • Audrey's current bedtime routine is as follows:  She takes a bath.  She gets her overnight diaper and PJ's on.  We brush teeth.  While I'm brushing her teeth she holds her toothpaste and wants to take the lid on and off.  When we're done with teeth, we read a book.  Her favorite right now is "Night Night Little Pookie."  When we're done with the book we make sure she's had kisses and hugs from Daddy and Cocka, and then it's lights out time.  She'll sit with me in the rocking chair for a couple of minutes and then usually asks to get in her bed--so different from Parker at that age!  While we're rocking we'll sing songs or just "talk" a little.  Before I lay her down I'll stand by the crib and rock her in my arms for just a minute.  I always say, "good night (kiss)...sweet dreams (kiss)...I love you (kiss)....I'll see you in the morning (kiss)."  She'll say some of the words as I'm saying them.  She usually goes right to sleep once I lay her in the bed as long as both of her babies, her bunny, and her blanket are in there with her.  Generally, she sleeps all night!

  • She puts a country twang on a lot of her words--baby geeeearl (baby girl), peeeeop (poop), rot deya (right there).  I'm sure there's more!
  • She loves to sing loose versions of the ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle, and Rock-a-bye Baby.  I've tried to get her singing them on video and have been semi-successful.  It's very, very sweet.
  • When she wants one of us to pick her up or love on her a little, she'll say, "I wanna see meeeeeeeee."  What she really means is "I want to see YOU."  Toddlers and their grammar.
  • She asks to listen to "boom bop et" (elvira) and songs from Frozen.  If I start singing and leave of the last words in a phrase, she'll usually finish them!
  • She's really starting to have a little bit of an attitude and temper, and it's funny and frustrating at the same time.  We'll tell her to do something and she says "i own wan to" (I don't want to).  She also throws things when she gets mad or frustrated and throws little temper tantrums here and there when you forcibly remove her from an activity.  I definitely think she's going to have a more terrible "terrible two" phase than Parker did.  
I'm sure I'll think of more--I'll keep a running list.  She is so funny and fun to watch and listen to!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Parker's 4th Birthday!

Parker's birthday this year was just as crazy as ever--haha!  I will pictures.

His actual birthday was on a Tuesday, so he went to Honey's house with Audrey as they always do.  When he came downstairs in the morning we had balloons and his presents from us waiting for him.  We gave him an Optimus Prime trailer for his Transformers, two new Transformer, and a pair of shoes.  We actually didn't give him the shoes until the evening because they hadn't arrived in time to open them in the morning.

Of course he had a little help!

A smiling miracle occurred!

Notice the elbow saying, "back off my stuff!"

In the evening, Ryan picked the kids up from Honey's and we met at Chick-fil-a for dinner.  After we ate, Parker played in the playground area for a few minutes and we went to Cold Stone for dessert!  He was super excited and ate the entire cup of kid-sized ice cream.  It was definitely a great day! 

We had his party on Saturday from 11-1.  I prefer doing it in the afternoon but this was the only date that was going to "work" with the majority of our guests and the afternoon time was not going to "work" for everyone so we had a midday party!  It was kind of nice because naptime was right after and we were able to play with some of Parker's gifts when he woke up from that nap.

The theme of the party was Transformers Rescue Bots.  This is his favorite show right now, so it seemed like the best and most obvious choice.  Once I committed to the theme, I realized that you can't get Rescue Bots decorations/party supplies anywhere except for Etsy, and most of the Etsy sellers are just using images you can find on Google.  After searching and searching, I decided to make a Rescue Bots plan for the cake and just do a bunch of primary colors for balloons, plates, etc.  It worked out great!  I also had a banner made at Walgreens at the last minute (seriously--less than 24 hours before the party) that really made me feel like things came together. 

The BEST party of the party was the bounce house Amy brought over for the kids to play on!  They had an absolute blast--even if it was only about 40 degrees that day.  

The boys enjoyed their lunch at the "kids table" in the playroom.  Parker was saying "rescue bots cheeeeeeeeese!"  haha.

This little girl ate almost an entire piece of pizza for lunch!

I really wish I had taken more pictures of everyone at the party, but I'm glad I at least got these couple!

The baner!!  Oh and the kids, too.  hahaha.  

Parker-4, Audrey-21 months, Wyatt-3 1/2, McKinley-5 months, Haley-11, Leah-4 months, Kaley-3 1/2, Ian-almost 8!

Sweet boy about to blow out his candle!  He was less than thrilled because he had to come in from the bounce house.

There was so much drama having this cake made.  I was happy with it in the end!  "Roll to the Rescue" is the Rescue Bots motto.

Audrey was lovin' on baby Leah.

Coming up next is a questionnaire post for Parker.  I'll save it for tomorrow--or two months from now--haha!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day just gets better and better every year with our two sweeties to enjoy it with!  This year we gave the kids a couple little gifts to play with (mini etch a sketch for Audrey, DVD and bubbles for Parker) and Parker received lots of different valentines from school.  His favorite?  A valentine with a whoopee cushion attached.  He's a four year old boy--what can I say?  haha!

Talking to the "quirrels" outside.

Parker's teacher gave them each a baby dinosaur on their valentine, so he decided to get the "momma" dinosaur out to play with her baby.

We took these pictures outside during a bubble blowing session.  They enjoyed chasing and popping the bubbles!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Superbowl Sunday

The title is slightly misleading since we really didn't do anything related to the Superbowl today.  Today should have been a church day, but I had to skip for what we'll call "health reasons".  The kids and I still had breakfast at Mona and Granddaddy's, but we came home afterward.  When Ryan came home, we had lunch and then the kids took naps.  I may have caught a little shut-eye myself.  I was having some stomach pains and just felt like I needed to rest.  I even skipped my workout today for the first time in a few weeks.  When everyone woke up, we all played in the den for a bit while Ryan set up our new Apple TV.  The kids' new game is "Ring Around the Rosy." 

Obviously it's pretty difficult to get a "still" picture of such an active game.  haha!

Audrey was watching her Daddy pretty closely.  Can you see her mop hair?  It's almost long enough to be tucked behind her ear but not quite.  I put a bow or hair tie in it almost immediately when she wakes up so she can see, but I totally forgot after her nap!

Here's Jake--I mean, Parker--playing with his "mote control" car.  Probably driving it into his sister. :)

We went to Omi's this evening and had delicious goulash.  Ryan started to watch the Superbowl there and was supposed to continue once we got here but the Fox Sports app wasn't working correctly with Apple TV and I couldn't even get it to stream on the computer, so we switched to Blacklist.  Ah, the perils of having no cable. 

These daily posts are going to be CRAZY interesting--so be prepared!  

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Back at it again--here with a summary of the pictures I have from my big camera.  I am SO MAD AT MYSELF--truly.  I know I've said it before but I am definitely going to say it again right now:  I HAVE to get better at this.  Seriously.  It shouldn't be that difficult to sit down with a few pictures from each day--even if I have almost nothing to share.  I want to remember everything that's happening right now, little and big.  Major and minor.  Have to improve--just have to. 

So on the 21st it snowed overnight and we woke up to the first big snow of the season and year.  It was only a couple of inches but was enough to close schools and cause us to all have to adjust our schedules and spend a little extra time outside!  This was the first time I pulled out the big camera since Christmas.  So much shame. 

Audrey still went to Honey's house that day but I decided to take a quick picture of her outside in her first-ever snow.  Of course baby was there to celebrate, too!


These capture her true first impression of the snow.  She wasn't a true fan but actually grew to like it!

All in a matter of about four minutes.  haha!

Later in the day, we finally ventured out with Parker for a little bit.  Once he found out about the ice at the end of the driveway, he really didn't care too much about the snow.  All he wanted to do was walk on, stomp through, and kick the ice.  

I'm pretty sure these tears were a result of me placing him in the snow.  He didn't want to get snow on his shoes I think.  Toddler moments!

That Friday, we had Leah over for a bit in the morning so Lulu could go to an appointment.  It was fun having another baby around and Parker and Audrey were SO excited.  Leah loved watching Parker and was doing a lot of "talking" with him. 

Cousins!  Audrey really was happy that day...not sure why she wasn't smiling in the picture.  I was just impressed that I had three sets of eyes looking my way! 


Parker did a great job entertaining her :)

Trying to get her to "play" with the "tranpomup."

They just love her.

How could they not?

This past Tuesday night, it snowed 9 inches, so everything was shut down again on Wednesday and also Thursday.  I didn't take a ton of pics this time, but I did demand that Ryan take one with our snowman friend that I built.  I was SO excited on Friday when the snow was finally wet enough to build a snowman.  Parker was excited about it beforehand but was no longer interested once we got outside.  The ice won again!

Love love love these two babies so much.  Also, Frosty had some pretty rad hair.